Our services for your creations

A film requires a lot of talent and skills. Masé Studios offer you full post-production services for sound… and image, thanks to our partner.



Mixing is the final stage in the post-production of a film. It is a matter of coherence, but above all of know-how. To offer you the best of our skills, Masé Studios have a mixing auditorium Dolby Atmos® certified for cinema, a mixing studio cinema and a mixing studio for television.


From detection to adaptation, then recording to mixing, including the casting of professional actors, Masé Studios take care of all the steps for the dubbing and post-synchronization of films, TV movies and series, as well as the voice-over of documentaries and reports.



With the help of renowned sound engineers, Masé Studios produce original sound effects that are custom-made and unique for each film, in an auditorium equipped with a rythmo band, a monitor, and a fully equipped foley studio.


Are you looking for the perfect voice? Contact us and we will offer you a wide range of male and female professional voices to illustrate your project: documentary, institutional, corporate, advertising, internet or audio guides.



Good sound recording is the keystone of post-production. Masé Studios provide the necessary staff and equipment for film sets: multi-track recording, synchronization with all types of cameras, and stereo and surround sound recording.


To get the best sound for your project, it isn’t enough merely to arrange the existing sound materials. They must be customized or created from scratch. With our team of sound designers, that's exactly what Masé Studios offer you!



Audio description is a process that makes films, shows or exhibitions accessible to blind or partially sighted people through a voice-over text that describes the visual elements. Analysis, writing, recording and mixing: Masé Studio takes care of everything!


Do you need to record a speaker or an actor who can't come to our studios? No problem, we have the solution! We connect in a digital-quality link-up, using the professional SessionLinkPro® solution, to allow you to chat and work live with studios around the world.



With our Perfectone® sprocket drives, we can read analog magnetic and optical tapes to digitize or restore them, even if there has been chemical degradation (vinegar syndrome).


Masé Studios take care of every step of the subtitling process. Thanks to a network of translator-adaptors, we ensure subtitling perfectly adapted to your films in German, Italian and English.



Qu'est-ce qu'une bonne expérience de réalité virtuelle? Une expérience dans laquelle l'utilisateur oublie l’espace physique pour vivre une immersion complète. Et le son joue un rôle déterminant. Masé Studios met au service de ce nouveau média toute son expertise: de la captation ambisonique sur les tournages 360 à toute la chaine de postproduction, Masé Studios est le partenaire de référence pour le son VR et XR.


Nos studios sont également disponibles à la location, pour la journée ou des périodes plus longues, selon vos besoins. Vous bénéficiez du confort et de la technologie de nos infrastructures. Pour vos tournages, nous louons également tout le matériel de prise de son nécessaire.


Unity is strength!​

Masé Studios are delighted to welcome Color Grade to offer you all the necessary expertise for audiovisual post-production under one roof. You arrive with your rushes and leave with a DCP ready to show your film in theaters. That’s the magic of cinema!

External partners


Studio de production et post-production audiovisuelle basé à Genève, Le Truc intervient à tous les niveaux d’une production, du story-board au film final: publicités, effets spéciaux pour le cinéma, films corporate, promotionnels ou vidéos mapping événementielles.


Pilon Cinéma, c’est un volume acoustique de 360m3, au milieu duquel trône une console DigiDesign D-Control qui pilote deux systèmes Protools: HDX 3 et HD2.


Genève Musique prend en charge toute réparation électronique sur tout type de matériel: vintage, haut de gamme et professionnel.